PART III:  A Glorified Paralegal Cannot Scare Real Lawyers with a Laughable Cease-and-Desist

This is a basic and fundamental display of Cal Evans of Gresham International’s incompetency as it relates to the law and the use of English as a language. (Be sure to ask him what “MUTUAL CONSENT” means).

I’m not perfect. Far f-cking from it, but as Sean Connery said in The Rock, “losers always whine about their best.” So no whining here.

As I’ve showcased in my writing and my own personal and professional dispute with the New York and Pennsylvania Bar, doing the right thing is hard. ( and But here is a trick, you can generally tell it’s the right thing by it being the harder thing that actually requires you to risk something. These risks vary as much as the “something” they are wagered on; however, that’s, what I humbly believe separates the good deeds from the bad ones. Doing nothing is effectively a bad deed. Anyone can come up with an excuse to do nothing or keep the status quo. So, I can understand why my previous articles about the scammer that is Cal Evans of Gresham International on other publication websites got spooked by a cease-and-desist and felt my previous articles may have violated their terms of service. But, here are the cold, hard facts: real lawyers know this unsigned and unnamed cease-and-desist, filled with legal inaccuracies, is better used as toilet paper than actual legal threats.

That’s hard though to say that when you receive a cease-and-desist.

“Investors could be upset if this little twerp sued.”, One might say.

Sure, they might. I’m an investor, and everyone knows litigation, especially in the United States, despite having one of the best systems arguably built for the stuff, is incredibly broken. But, as an investor, I know doing the right thing for the right reason is often the better decision in the long run and shows the attorney and founder(s) have their heart and mind in the right place. It’s those decisions that Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz, wrote about in “The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers” about being a wartime CEO (Trigger warning if you don’t like my spicy language here, you won’t like Horowitz book). Warfare or lawfare, whether in startup life or real life, often requires blood to be spilt before a conclusion can be reached. In this case, the “blood” is time and effort responding to a “CILEX Chartered Legal Executive’s” abysmal excuse for a cease-and-desist. The easier thing was to pull the articles. There’s no “risk” in that. The harder thing was to say, “F-ck you (or whatever polite people say), we are covered under Section 230 and Dunsmoor has receipts in these articles which makes them even more defensible.”

That’s the hard thing and the right thing because no one should give the “bad guys” a platform. As Evans says himself:

But life is hard, and as a man known to never back down from a justified fight, I’ll do the hard and right thing.

Here’s your response, Cal Evans of Gresham International. You’re a lying scammer, and you are, without a doubt, the most incompetent “lawyer” I’ve ever encountered in my over a decade of practicing in the most complex areas of the law as a securities and blockchain attorney.

Cal Evans of Gresham International’s Laughable Cease-and-Desist Letter

My Response

To everyone else, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. This is a lesson in protecting the investing public, protecting each other from scammers, and truly fighting the good fight. I don’t hope to inspire you; I hope that you can find it within yourself, guided by your own moral compass, to always do the right thing when faced with these challenges, and remember, it’s normally the harder of the two. Also, never forget Cal Evans is a scammer, and anyone who lies about getting a 19/21 on the Law School Admissions Test, which is scored out of 180, and makes up fake FINRA licenses, which is all easily verifiable with a simple Google search, is going to lie about so much more. Don’t trust these people. Ever.

P.S. – To those concerned about the professionalism of using profanity, I understand your concerns; however, when handling matters such as these, the f-cking point needs to be unequivocally clear. That was my role as a securities attorney, and it stands as my foundation as a human being trying to make this place a little bit better than I found it. Focus on what is making me say these harsh words instead of the words themselves.

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