Part IV: Evans Receives a Criminal Referral from the Supreme Court of Wisconsin

Disclaimer: Callum Evans, like all people possibly facing charges, is innocent until proven guilty and has yet to be officially charged. While I originally expressed hesitancy about updating everyone on this development, I hope it will encourage more people to come forward with other fraudulent behavior as we continue to uncover more and more bad acts and that this public awareness will help protect people.

TL;DR: Cal Evans of Gresham International, a piece of work, has received a criminal referral to the Waukesha County District Attorney and Muskego Police Department for what we presume is his numerous fraudulent activities in Wisconsin.

I love shutting down crooks and helping protect people.

I argued with Martin Shkreli of securities fraud fame yesterday on Twitter/X when he came after my boy Roaring Kitty, aka Deep Fucking Value. Shkreli claimed that Keith Gill only has a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) Series 7 license, when in reality, a simple check on BrokerCheck would have shown that Gill has an SIE, Series 7, 3, 24, 63, and 65 licenses while Shkreli himself only has a Series 7 and, of course, a FINRA bar prohibiting him from ever being associated with a FINRA member in any capacity. (Gill/Kitty: and Shkreli: That’s the thing about easily verifiable information and scammers, and I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: I’m not perfect, far fucking from it, but if a person will lie about easily verifiable things like a 19/21 Law School Admission Test score (which the scores actually range from 120-180) on LinkedIn, or claim that the American Bar Association, Commonwealth Lawyers Association, and British Blockchain Association are PROFESSIONAL REGULATORS when they are actually voluntary professional organizations—an easily verifiable fact—then you shouldn’t trust that person. E-V-E-R.

(Screenshot taken June 21, 2021 from


Martin proves this point as he could have easily accessed FINRA’s BrokerCheck before he came after Roaring Kitty, and a simple Google search would have shown any one of these lies that Cal Evans of Gresham International told is a lie. Therefore, as I have stated previous, Cal Evans of Gresham International is a scammer.

Similarly, there are levels of due diligence, and the British Blockchain Association fell for his lies without doing the deeper due diligence required of someone on their advisory board. Instead, they promoted Cal Evans of Gresham International as an “Esq.” when he was just a CILEX Chartered Legal Professional ( They also endorsed his claims of graduating with honors for his LLB (which he presumably has, although he definitely would have mentioned the “with honors” distinction in regulatory filings), having a Master of Laws (LL.M.; which, once again, he doesn’t include in his LinkedIn or regulatory filings, but I ironically do have with honors and PROOF!), and the grandiose false claim that he had a role as a legal and strategic advisor to Facebook’s Libra (this has been independently verified by three people associated with Libra). They originally posted this on June 26, 2019, at 5:08 PM via Twitter, which was a mere two months to the day after he had been licensed by CILEX (Id. April 26, 2019). and

In contrast with the sparse regulatory biographical information on the Form C SEC regulatory filing:

(You can tell its Cal by his use of “opertates” and love of erratic capitalizations (I don’t know why he hates spellcheck); see “the State of State of Pensilvania” on and International “corproate” Law – Associate for the Law office (sic) of Carlos Negrete on

For an organization tasked with verifying information and advising the U.K. government, as well as various other governments around the world, their apparent failure to vet Evans’ background is concerning, especially given his position on their advisory board. (

Due diligence matters, and some information is harder to find than others, as we have showcased here with his outright, verifiable lies and the ones that require a bit more digging. But, as Wisconsin knows, due diligence is crucial, and that is why I believe they’ve decided to refer the case to the police and district attorney to review for criminal charges. That’s right, despite Evans claiming to be in London or Dubai, as he often portrays on his Instagram profile, he actually resides in Wisconsin. The problem is that he also has a Wisconsin in-house license, which means he is only supposed to work for a company called Stonehouse Properties LLC. However, he clearly doesn’t work only for them, or possibly not at all, since they have never been mentioned in any of the numerous articles, interviews, or other promotional content he has produced.

Now, the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation, which is an agency of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin and governs lawyers there, has thoroughly investigated this matter and referred it for criminal prosecution.

(SCR 22.40(1) applies to them; not me. I can share. I’ve asked. 🙂 )

While Evans hasn’t been charged yet and is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law, I am hopeful and confident that the police department Evans once called to have me arrested for “harassment” will do its due diligence in looking seriously into this memorandum, along with the district attorney, to protect not just the people of Wisconsin but the entire global investing population. (More on his “harassment” claims here: PART III:  A Glorified Paralegal Cannot Scare Real Lawyers with a Laughable Cease-and-Desist

This is the educational portion of this article on the facts of unauthorized practice and unlicensed practice of the law. Please skip to below the italicized area to skip this portion. While we do not know yet what charges may or may not be brought, its important for us to address the unlicensed versus unauthorized practice of law, generally, for the public good.

Unlicensed means the person generally does not have a license to practice whatsoever. However, unauthorized practice of law is when the person practices in a jurisdiction or holds themselves out to practice in a jurisdiction (laws vary) without actually having a license in that specific jurisdiction to do so and does regularly practice without the proper co-counsel or license. I’m sure Evans is going to try to convince “the State of the State of Pennsylvania” of this for me now that he is being pursued by Wisconsin, and we can see if they fall for it twice (more on that here PART II: The Comedy of Evans — How the Pennsylvania Bar was Scammed & Exposed Its Unconstitutional Attorney Discipline System These are both crimes, though the terminology for each can vary as wide as the punishment/penalties but it can include real jail time.

There are a couple of caveats to these laws, but the main hurdle Evans, in my humble personal opinion if he is pursued under this, may have to overcome is how he was working exclusively for Stonehouse while having his own “legal services firm,” which operated in the United States with U.S. clients and allegedly included lawyers from around the world, but none of which included Gresham International on their LinkedIn. Now, I haven’t tagged them all because I know they read these posts, and I don’t suspect this is going to be the last civil or criminal inquiry into Cal Evans and Gresham International. So, if you are feeling like you’d like to cooperate, I suggest you reach out before it’s someone with a .gov email address that does.

I will keep everyone abreast of the updates and will not stop my pursuit of justice until Cal Evans of Gresham International has paid for what I reasonably believe are criminal and civil actions, including the unlicensed/unauthorized practice of law, wire fraud, and securities fraud.

Also, he’s being sued for his fraudulent behavior in Wyoming. So, yeah. Definitely a shady dude. (

But the takeaway, dear reader, is never trust someone who lies about easily verifiable information and stay away from Cal Evans of Gresham International. Also, be aware of bad Sushi since Gresham International now controls Sushi Labs. ( If you have been involved in a deal with him or any of the numerous companies he claims to represent, please reach out to me, especially if you’re on his website and haven’t received an email from a .gov account yet. You may be able to help protect others from his fraudulent behavior and prevent yourself from facing civil or criminal charges, but I’m not your lawyer and this is not legal advice, so you may want to speak to a properly licensed one while you’re at it. If you belief he has committed a crime against you or your company the Waukesha County District Attorney’s contact information can be found here: or the Muskego Police Department’s contract information can be found here:

P.S. – He’s speaking at the DeGameFi event in Tbilisi, Georgia this weekend. An event from which he had me removed from the speaker list last year because he was paying to speak and I wasn’t (I never did and never would pay to speak as a lawyer). Be sure to kindly welcome him if you’re attending and ask him about his thoughts on possibly being charged in Wisconsin or his background with Libra, his honors lie, or his Masters of Law degree.

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