PART V: Responding to Cal Evans – The Fraudulent “Lawyer” Threatening the Crypto Industry

TL;DR: Cal Evans, the self-proclaimed “international crypto lawyer” and managing associate of Gresham International, has been exposed as a fraudster and a liar. Despite his claims, Evans is not a qualified lawyer in the U.S. and has been involved in numerous scams, including the Giza ICO rug pull, the Ardana rug pull, and the Aubit/Freeway scam. He has lied about his credentials, including his LSAT score, LLB with “honors”, LL.M., and work experience at Facebook’s Libra. Now Evans continues to run his mouth and promote his fraudulent behavior which I reasonably believe poses a significant threat to the crypto industry. This updated exposé aims to protect the investing public and the industry from Evans’ ongoing deception and fraudulent activities by providing evidence of his lies and unethical conduct, and calling for his prosecution and permanent ban from practicing law.

This is an educational and semi-professional response to the insanity that is Cal Evans of Gresham International; Who is, as I’ve covered extensively a lying scammer. I normally would not respond to this type of thing but as he is about to speak at DeGameFi in Tbilisi, Georgia, I want to make sure that no one falls for his numerous lies.

This was “released” at the bottom of his “legal service” firm “Providing a Number 1 Service (sic)” for which I have to respond to protect the public and clear the record of these numerous lies in this one document. ( or

I will take two approaches in my response. The first to educate the masses on the sheer incompetency of this “Press release” and to discuss the actual allegations and fraudulent behavior of the “Managing Associate” also known as Cal Evans. (Why he continues to refer to himself in the third person and refuses to sign his letters or press releases is beyond me and all of my colleagues.) My responses are in bold and I will do my best to correct his horrible use of capitalization, poor spelling, and other grammatical mischaracterizations; however, you can see that this is his modus operandi and proof that Evans wrote it. I’m not a grammar guru but damn.

Press release – Harassment by Jonathan Dunsmoor. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Press release should have dates, locations, and not be posted only on his website at the very bottom. No one knows when “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” was, especially if there is no date.

Gresham International, a leading legal and compliance firm in the Digital Asset (sic) space, is currently under attack by an individual who is spreading false and defamatory stories about the organization and its team.

Gresham International is not a leading legal and compliance firm in the Digital Asset (sic) space. This was publicly pointed out when Evans’ good friend Jared Grey, the former “head chef” of Sushi and now manager of Sushi Labs, tried to have it covered up later after they fired Fenwick and West and replaced them with Gresham International.

As pointed out so well here:

(Sushi’s long restructuring continues to struggle 7:12 PM • Apr 15, 2024 Evans and Grey worked on Bitfineon, which was supposedly a “non-KYC” centralized exchange that never launched and allegedly took investor funds and “listing fees”, but more on that in a new article.

The company has become the target of a malicious harassment campaign, with baseless accusations aimed at damaging its reputation and integrity.

Gresham International and Evans do not have a good reputation and/or integrity to take. Which is why he didn’t address the false claims he made via the British Blockchain Association about having “honors” with his Bachelor of Laws degree (“LLB”), not having a Master of Laws degree (“LL.M.”), not being an “Esq.,” and not working for Facebook’s Libra. Informing the public of such fraudulent behavior isn’t malicious. Real attorneys know that the truth is a defense to any libel or harassment claim (so long as that harassment isn’t physical).

Notice this even its specifically entitled “The World Post Libra”.

The individual behind these false allegations has embarked on a relentless smear campaign, disseminating fabricated stories and misinformation through various online platforms, social media channels, and directly contacting third parties.

As stated above, I will do anything to protect the investing public and the industry I have grown to love from scammers like Evans.

These stories are not only fictitious but also maliciously designed to tarnish the reputation that Gresham International and its Managing Associate have diligently built over the years.

The reason we have so much evidence of his scams is because they have been built up even before Evans was properly licensed as a CILEX Chartered Legal Executive. He was “legal” for the Giza Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”), which was a rug pull. And despite claiming he would do everything to catch these guys, nothing ever happened.

Cryptocurrency scammers run off with more than $2 million after ditching their investors Published Fri, Mar 9 2018 3:30 AM EST Updated Mon, Mar 12 2018 11:32 AM EDT Please note that Callum Evans became a Chartered Legal Executive on April 26, 2019. Nearly a year after this.

The Individual (sic), Jonathan Dunsmoor, is a suspended and reprimanded lawyer from New York, USA.

Yep, I’ve made my dispute with New York clear and published a lengthy article about it. I’ve also made my dispute with “the State of State of Pensilvania (sic)” involving Evans’ absurd complaint where he claims the use of “Pennsylvania, pro hac vice 2013” under “Admissions” was misleading and confusing.

When we file that federal case later this year, Evans is going to be named in it. I look forward to discovery. It’s also the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I don’t know what the “State of State of Pensilvania” is.

The New York case involves me discovering in 2017 that my admissions file was missing an addendum that I had proof I sent and then subsequently filed a self-reported complaint that the file was missing the addendum. Nearly 5 years later the New York Bar decided to file charges after their investigation was completed in 2018. I am suspended for one year but do not have plans to coming back to the law, yet. More on these cases here: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: How to (Almost) Get Disbarred

PART II: The Comedy of Evans — How the Pennsylvania Bar was Scammed & Exposed Its Unconstitutional Attorney Discipline System:

His techniques are something commonly seen in online harassment campaigns. Referred to as ‘White Knighting’ (sic) and ‘Gas Lighting’ (sic). The concept of White Knighting (sic) is where an individual misconstrues information or manipulates rudimentary facts to portray another party as a ‘bad actor’. In the process, making themselves look like a ‘good actor’. They disseminate harmless information in a negative way (spin), promoting that spin to suit their needs. The purpose of this process is to call into question the candor of the target to damage their reputation all while veiling their ulterior motive.

This is the actual definition and the proposed “new word suggestion” of gaslighting and white knighting, respectively. Note he gets them completely wrong and nothing involves “bad actors” or “good actors.” This is just more lies from Cal Evans.

Gaslighting: psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one’s emotional or mental stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator.

White knighting: New Word Suggestion The practice of coming to someone’s aid; often refers to men coming to the aid of women

In this particular case, this individual is also taking things they have done, and suggesting that their target is also doing the very same thing. ‘gaslighting’. Mr. Dunsmoor brought regulator complaints against our Managing Associate in the UK. The complaint was against Cal Evans of Gresham International. That regulator convened a committee at the request of Mr. Dunsmoor (as was his right under the rules) and found his complaint to be meritless. As a result, no action was taken.

False. They did not find the complaint “meritless.” They believed Evans’ fabricated proof, including the false claim that Evans was licensed in Ukraine, and put the burden of proof on me to show that you “didn’t actually advise the numerous governments” Evans claimed to. The burden of proof was on and should have always stayed on Evans. It’s nearly impossible to prove a negative in court. This is further proof of why CILEX is an absolute joke, but more on that later. The entire complaint is here. (Notice the redacted portion came from them, not me).

Recently, he has published a letter from the Office of Lawyer Regulation from Wisconsin, his second such complaint to that department, this again aimed at our Managing Associate.

When they first responded to Evans, their main concern was how to properly classify his “permitted to work as in-house counsel” status, since Evans doesn’t actually work exclusively for Stonegroup Property LLC, contrary to what he highlighted in Gresham International’s Gitbook. But we all know Evans lies, and that “consultation” was after his first bar complaint there. There will be much, much more on these opinion letter later.

Their response, much like other things, has also been misconstrued by Mr. Dunsmoor. The Office of Lawyer Regulation did not ‘agree’ with what Mr. Dunsmoor had claimed. After speaking with the Office of Lawyer Regulation, they confirmed that they felt they had no authority over any of the complaints that Mr. Dunsmoor had made, but in line with protocol, passed his complaint to the district attorney and local police department, who would be the correct parties to lodge such a complaint. Our Managing Associate subsequently spoke with both the district attorney and police department, and they have confirmed that they consider no action needs to be taken.

This is incredibly important! Most district attorneys and/or police will not tell you if they are going to charge you, especially in a case like the unlicensed or unauthorized practice of law. That’s not how the criminal justice system works. Furthermore, this is just one of the many jurisdictions we have him operating in or providing legal business nexus to. There are many, many more complaints that are still being processed, and I am positive one will end up in the hands of a prosecutor who understands what a threat to the investing public Cal Evans and his fraudulent “law firm” are.

The letter Mr Dunsmoor received was from the Office of Lawyer Regulation informing him that they were closing their file and that they had to retain a record of it. Again, this information is misconstrued by Mr. Dunsmoor to suit his narrative.

Wisconsin’s attorney regulatory body has decided not to take civil action against Evans because they don’t have statutory authority to but which allows them to refer charges based on Evans’ unique fact pattern and their laws. That’s why the entire process is being sent for criminal review.

We believe these reports filed by Mr. Dunsmoor were designed to be nothing but retaliatory. Previously, two U.S. States found Mr. Dunsmoor either misrepresented facts about his qualifications and/or his prior criminal conduct before his admission to the bar. A copy of his New York Suspension can be found here and a copy of his Pennsylvania Order for Reprimand can be found here. The public reprimand is available on YouTube.

As stated above, I have not hidden these disputes, and while I vehemently disagree with both, one will be resolved in federal court with Evans as a named defendant, and the public reprimand isn’t on YouTube. Another lie. If it was a I would actively use it because you can tell the lawyers on the call know the case was dumb, IMHO.

According to Mr. Dunsmoor’s publishings (sic), he blames our Managing Associate for his current personal situation or the various state regulators.

Evans is named in the email in “State of State of Pensilvania (sic)” as seen here. They just wouldn’t hand over the full complaint because they know I would destroy it along with any credibility Evans has. Imagine a guy who claims to be regulated by the American Bar Association, among other non-regulatory agencies, stating the use of “Pennsylvania, pro hac vice 2013” is misleading.

Gresham International categorically denies all the allegations made by this individual and emphasizes that they are completely false and unsubstantiated.

We’ve already shown enough to prove that all he does is lie, but I hope not to have to write these types of articles every week but I will if for the sole purpose of protecting the investing public from a liar and a scammer.

In most cases, these are manipulated facts which are devoid of any actuality. We are going to offer some examples below, however these change over time once Mr. Dunsmoor finds something else he believes that he can spin. To address and show the falsehood of some of these claims; ‘The Managing Associate is not a lawyer/paralegal’ – The Legal Services Act within the United Kingdom (England and Wales) determines who may participate in ‘Reserved Legal Activities’. These are legal services activities associated with the practice of law in the UK. Much like other European countries, the UK operates a split legal profession. CILEx Lawyers, solicitors, and barristers (and some other classes such as Patent Attorneys) may participate in Reserved Legal Activities.

This is very important information. At least he admits he’s supposed to only be doing “reserved legal activities!” The United Kingdom does have a three-tiered solution for legal practice: CILEX “Professionals”, solicitors, and barristers. However, under this system, CILEX “Professionals” have become a hotbed of controversy, and even within that tier, there are two types of CILEX “Professionals”:

Chartered Legal Executives: Chartered Legal Executives often specialise in a particular area of law. They frequently work alongside solicitors or CILEx Practitioners. They can carry out reserved legal work, under the supervision of an authorised person such as a solicitor or CILEx Practitioner.

How these people are able to call themselves lawyers is beyond me and most rational minds at this point, since the education and training curve alone is significantly shorter than solicitors or barristers.

Here is where the fun bit comes in that even ol’ CILEX cannot figure out. According to their own laws, and as stated on this website:

Law firms

Some Chartered Legal Executives run their own law firm doing legal work that is not reserved legal work. An example of non-reserved legal work is will writing, some employment law matters and general legal advice.

Emphasis added. (

How is he able to operate a “Digital Asset” firm of any sort, including one that handles securities and compliance, is so far beyond my comprehension of English law that even my solicitor and barrister friends are at a loss, especially contrasted with a CILEX Practitioner:

What is a CILEX Practitioner?

  • A CILEX Practitioner is a lawyer who is a specialist in the specific areas of law that we authorise them to do.
  • A CILEX Practitioner must show us that they have the right knowledge, skills and experience in their specialist area of law before we authorise them.
  • What can a CILEX Practitioner do?
  • CILEX Practitioners are authorised to carry out work in one, or more, areas of law. The different types of CILEX Practitioner and the legal work they can carry out are shown below. They do not need to be supervised to provide legal work in the area of law we authorise them to do.
  • CILEX Conveyancing Practitioner: Legal work needed to buy or sell property and related work such as remortgaging property
  • CILEX Immigration Practitioner: Immigration, asylum, citizenship and nationality work
  • CILEX Litigator and Advocate (civil chambers advocacy): Work involved in preparing for and going to court to sort out disputes and speaking on a person’s behalf in judge’s chambers
  • CILEX Litigator and Advocate (civil): Work involved in preparing for and going to court to sort out disputes and speaking on a person’s behalf in judge’s chambers and the county court
  • CILEx Litigator and Advocate (criminal): Work needed to defend, or take a court case against, a person accused of a crime including speaking on a person’s behalf in the magistrates’ court
  • CILEX Litigator and Advocate (family chambers advocacy): Legal work for divorce, and sorting issues about money, property and children, including speaking on a person’s behalf in judge’s chambers
  • CILEX Litigator and Advocate (family): Legal work for divorce, and sorting issues about money, property and children, including speaking on a person’s behalf in judge’s chambers and the family court
  • CILEX Probate Practitioner: Legal work needed to deal with preparing trusts, inheritance tax and the administration of a deceased’s estate


No disrespect to “Practitioners” because they clearly have more training than “Executives,” but if “Executives” cannot handle these matters without additional training, how is Evans able to claim he handles securities, compliance, and all the other various legal matters he does globally with no supervision? No one can answer this yet. But, it is important to note that now we have him admitting he is only supposed to be taking “reserved legal activities.”

Under the CILEx Code of Conduct, as laid out by the UK regulator CILEX – only those who have achieved the status of ‘Fellow’ may use the term ‘Lawyer’. To do so outside of this and without having this qualification would be a criminal offense.

As we noted, he was using the term “legal” for the various ICOs he represented before being “registered” as a CILEX Chartered Legal Executive. We are waiting to hear back if this is going to qualify as a criminal offense.

It should also be noted that CILEx lawyers are being renamed to Chartered Lawyers and are anticipated to fall under the Solicitors Regulatory Authority regime next year. This is because of the commonalities between Solicitors and Lawyers such as work, training, and professional standards, including the requirement for continuing legal education (CLE) and practice certificates.

I am writing another article on why CILEX “lawyers” are not solicitors or barristers. To even remotely equate them is akin to saying fish and submarines are the same because they both generally reside in the ocean.

To clarify, CILEx lawyers can represent clients, can become judges, instruct higher counsel, and achieve the same audience rights as Solicitors with a two- week lawyer advocacy course.

This is false. It’s not a two-week course. There is much, much more involved. Another lie.

Our Managing Associate is a Lawyer and holds a valid practice certificate for 2024.

For. Now.

Gresham International/Its (sic) Managing Associate engages in criminal activity –

I do believe this could be a Freudian slip, as usually a professional “press release” would make it abundantly clear that they do NOT engage in criminal activity.

It goes without saying that no, Gresham International and/or any of its affiliated team members do not engage in criminal activity.

As stated above, he has lied about his credentials, his qualifications, and we have several legal opinions in which he openly interprets U.S. securities law. All of these are grounds for criminal charges of wire fraud and/or securities fraud.

Having worked with unsuccessful projects does not denote criminal enterprise nor does having worked with a project that was a victim to actual criminal activity. Our team complies with reporting requirements for money laundering and any general criminal activities (which are higher for UK lawyers than in places such as the USA). Imagine saying this type of thing with not only less education, but less training, less experience, and less power than actual U.S. lawyers?

Comments concerning paying to speak – We can confirm that Gresham International pays sponsorship to some selected events.

Evans pays to speak and pays for magazine covers and awards. This raises an incredible number of ethical concerns, especially involving matters in which he claims to be an “expert” or “specialist” or provides legal advice in countries in which he is not properly licensed.

In the last five years, one of those offered a speaking engagement as part of the ‘package’.

This is a lie. We have confirmed, and so have his own words, that the marketing budget goes for him to pay to speak: Want proof? Find one Gresham International ad ran on a major platform. We can’t find one. So where did that “marketing budget” go?

Outside of this one time, no team member of Gresham International has ever paid for any speaking engagement.

As stated, and directly contradicted above, this is categorically false. We will not name names to save those conferences from embarrassment because conferences are expensive to put on and due diligence on every speaker is hard, but if they continue to platform this scammer, we will be forced to name them publicly.

Our Managing Associate requests a speaking fee for most events which can be booked directly or through Gresham International. Being asked not to speak at events – Mr. Evans has never been asked not to speak at an event and as far as we are aware neither has any other member of the Gresham team.

We will be requesting a copy of these receipts and communications for every time Evans has been paid to speak when we litigate against him. This is further proof he’s a liar and a fraud.

Although Mr. Dunsmoor may deny that his actions amount to Harassment, the volume, nature, and lack of any actual legal reason for these are all why we consider them to be nothing less. Some of these posts are designed to be degrading to our Managing Associate and other team members. For example, Mr. Dunsmoor created an NFT collection that crudely drew faces on team members and cited language such as ‘daddy issues’.

( )

Art is in the eye of the beholder. And, I’m not one to kink shame, but I’ve never called anyone let alone a grown man “Daddy.” Most Trump supporters I know would fight people for saying that. So, I will let you all be the judge of this, um, art. Also, the NFTs will be back up shortly. They are excellent satire and yet highly educational.

In another video, he questions why a recently disabled team member was unable to pay their child support.

This is a reference to Joseph Johnson, an indefinitely suspended California lawyer’s inability to pay his family/child support payments per the California Bar.

Johnson has supposedly worked for Gresham International since 2022, and this occurred in April 2024, which means Gresham International was not paying him enough to keep up with his payments and/or something nefarious was going on. I will let California figure that out shortly.

Neither of these serves any type of legitimate purpose.

Evans claims to be an “international crypto lawyer” who now has legal control over Sushi Labs Ltd, a U.K. company that supersedes the controversial “SushiSwap and Sushi DAO.”

Making the investing public aware of this type of behavior and what Evans and presumably Johnson may do to achieve their financial goals is relevant to everyone in the industry. There are billions of literal digital dollars and each one is a good reason for not having someone like a known fraudster in that position.

Again, Mr. Dunsmoor is not an investigator, does not work for a regulator, and has no authority to question any person.

No one needs to be an investigator or regulator to ask questions. However, as a lawyer or so-called officer of the court, if I see another lawyer (even a false one) behaving unethically, I am duty bound to report it. I will continue to do so that people know Cal Evans is a scammer and ultimately legal justice is served.

Continuing with his behavior; we are aware that he messages multiple parties and has done so for years. This includes parties that have no connection to Gresham International whatsoever. Also, the alarming frequency with which he messages, posts, or otherwise engages with something to do with Gresham or its Managing Associate; often being a daily/hourly occurrence. Given the messages that we have seen, there is no limit to who or what he will message. Including fabricated criminal or regulatory investigations concerning Gresham and/or its Managing Associate.

As I have stated multiple times, I will do anything within the powers of the law to help this industry that I’ve grown to love. This includes informing panelists, regulators, companies, bars, and anyone else who may be associated with Gresham International or their compatriots that they are scammers. The maxims of “Birds of a feather flock together” and “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas” all come to mind when working with someone who will literally lie about verifiable information like their Law School Admission Test score and brag about it on LinkedIn. (Something he has yet to refute)

Remember folks, if they will lie about easily verifiable things that will lie about ANYTHING.

The volume, nature, and type of activity all lead even the most rudimentary assessment of his actions to lead to the conclusion; that he has now in all likelihood become obsessed.

I am obsessed with putting scammers behind bars now thanks to Evans. Also, now that I have so much free time on my hands since I don’t have to run a real international securities law firm, I figure this is a great way to give back to the industry that I love. The first one will be Cal Evans, but he won’t be the last. In fact, I may make this a new side project since the crypto industry needs to be cleaned up. Thank you for the idea, Cal!

To emphasize, his blog posts are so clearly devoid of any factuality, or manipulated in such a way that they are designed to be defamatory. Every publication platform he used to promote them, has removed them.

They have removed them because Evans sent them that ridiculous cease-and-desist, and investors are scared of cease-and-desists. Real lawyers aren’t. More on that here: PART III: A Glorified Paralegal Cannot Scare Real Lawyers with a Laughable Cease-and-Desist

Please be sure to ask him what “Mutual Consent” means especially if it may involve the bedroom. He seems to be unclear on those definitions, too.

As a result, he now resorts to publishing these on his ‘law firm’ (sic) website and sharing those links with his social media or to anyone who will provide him with attention.

Because the above-mentioned cease-and-desist was sent to my former law firm, it is now the appropriate place to put all the insanely fabricated lies and scams Evans and Gresham International have been a part of. To be clear, Evans and Gresham International are the same entity despite his 70-something-year-old dad being the named officer of the company. We are still trying to figure out how CILEX hasn’t flagged any of this.

Again, Mr. Dunsmoor is not currently a lawyer.

Incorrect. Suspended lawyer but still a lawyer. Unlike Evans, who despite being able to call himself a lawyer in the UK, is not really a lawyer in the US.

What his articles miss, or gloss over, are his actions including; advertising admissions to practice in States he did not possess, being removed as a speaker from (at least) three events, and having been associated with questionable projects (which it’s clear he has looked to remove from Google/online).

1) The Pennsylvania case he is referencing but, claims he wasn’t a part of, will be litigated in federal court. We will win. We will uncover further proof that it was Evans who filed the original complaint and that PA botched the entire process, including their own basic due process like getting the correct mailing address right for a New York lawyer who is literally in the largest, most powerful state next to them. 2) We now know he is responsible for three different events in which he was the “sponsor” of and had me removed. Good. To. Know. 3) I’ve never hid from anyone the projects or clients (where legally allowed to disclose them), that failed. I’ve never knowingly in my entire career represented a scam company let alone been involved with no less than three major scams like Evans (Giza, Ardana, and Aubit/Freeway). We perform due diligence which is required by securities laws and ethical considerations in the United States. Clearly, Evans should not have any association with any law firms, companies, or otherwise if he still does not understand how to do this. Dunsmoor Law did a lot of great work defending and protecting companies in the ever-evolving regulatory ecosystem that was the blockchain industry. Unlike Evans, who cannot show up in court or for appear for regulatory matters, we could and did when necessary. Everyone deserves to be represented by competent legal counsel. This is why I firmly and unequivocally believe that Evans needs to be locked up and completely banned from the practice of law. He also needs to be prohibited from any of the Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering compliance work he is trying to do now. There are billions of literal digital dollars and each a good reason for not having someone like a known fraudster in that position.

Additionally, he draws false associations with parties calling them ‘colleagues’ and fails to undertake even rudimentary research on a topic…

I cannot believe I have to define English words to someone who was literally born in England, but here we are!

Colleague: an associate or coworker typically in a profession or in a civil or ecclesiastical office and often of similar rank or status: a fellow worker or professional

My colleagues are lawyers and other professionals in this industry. There are a couple of them wanting to clean up the ecosystem so it can thrive as well because we cannot grow as an industry with these types of morons and fraudsters who do not know what the word colleague means.

….(such as why a Limited Liability Company not structured as a partnership does not call its team members ‘partners’).

So, this is an interesting confession! Gresham International has claimed that each random entity he has around the world is “Each company is independently operated and not a partnership, association or other.” Because Evans isn’t a real lawyer, he doesn’t understand what piercing the corporate veil and alter egos are. I’m not going to get into the specifics because I’m sure this is how he will be sued and/or prosecuted, but it’s an excellent example of why you hire real lawyers and not CILEX Chartered Legal Executives.

These are just some of his addresses which my colleagues tell me don’t accept services of process:

  • Level 2 Office 3 One Central, C1, Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE.
  • 71-75 Shelton St. Covent Garden, London, WC2 9JQ, UK. (Notice this is the same address as the new Sushi Labs;
  • Delta Bank Building, 6th Floor, Panama City, Panama.
  • 5 Secretary’s Lane, Gibraltar, GX11AA, Gibraltar.
  • 12 Rue Le Corbusier #651 Geneva GE 1208, Switzerland

At a minimum, this shows an inability to research, although given his other actions it is more likely that this is just manipulation to suit his narrative.

Oof. These words are going to age like milk on a hot South Carolina summer day.

We stress that none of these are highlighted as a ‘tit-for-tat’ approach, but rather to draw on our conclusion that Mr. Dunsmoor takes his own failings and projects them onto other parties as part of his campaign. In light of all of this Gresham International is taking swift and decisive action to address this harassment and defamation campaign.

This is why I must respond to this. I know these blog posts are controversial as our society hasn’t become used to calling out scammers, especially scammers that act like lawyers, but in reality, we must do so for the sake of our industry and country. It should not be normalized that “spam caller” is a normal daily occurrence. It should not be normalized that someone who lied about his LSAT score, having honors with his LLB, having an LL.M., and working for Facebook shouldn’t be called out at every conceivable opportunity.

The company is actively working with legal experts and authorities to investigate the matter and pursue all available legal remedies against the individual responsible for spreading false information.

Good luck, right? If he is getting absolutely brutalized with this basic irrefutable proof that he’s lied and defrauded people, imagine what a judge and/or jury would do to him.

The first step is making the public aware that this is happening and offering an open channel of communication for anyone who may have concerns. In the face of adversity, Gresham International remains steadfast in its commitment to transparency, honesty, and accountability.

We all know this is a lie at this point, right? I don’t have to address it?

The company urges the public to disregard these false allegations and reaffirms its unwavering dedication to serving its clients with excellence and integrity.

LOL see above.

Any individual is welcome to contact us to discuss any of Mr. Dunsmoor’s claims. Although we posted information concerning this individual on our website – we would again, advise all parties to avoid contact with him.

If you’ve been defrauded or think you’ve been defrauded, please contact me or the police and/or local authorities. Evans is clearly a liar.

If questioned he often becomes confrontational and develops theories about criminal activities for those questioning him. Asserting that there is a collaboration in criminal enterprise using terms such as ‘Blockchain doesn’t lie’.

I’m honestly not sure what he means here. I think he is scared that his crimes are definitely verifiable on the blockchain.

Some parties have interacted with his social media posts who we feel may only know half of the facts. We will be contacting them separately so that they can understand the gravity of the situation with which they are interacting. Some of their engagement may impact their professional image and draw them into a lawsuit.

I welcome the day that Evans finds a lawyer dumb enough to take his case so that I can get full discovery on him. It will be equivalent to the Craig Wright trial.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their view, but they should only potentially impact their professional image under full knowledge of facts. We would again, remind anyone they are welcome to contact us and ask any questions about any of the allegations. We have a total open-door policy.

Be sure to ask him about his LSAT score, his “honors” with his LLB, his Master of Laws, his work at Facebook’s Libra, his unlawful practice during the Giza rug pull, the Ardana rug pull, the Aubit/Freeway scam, or the unlicensed practice of law for the various legal opinions. Or at least why none of these accomplishment are on his SoMee Form C regulatory filing.


You can tell its Evans by his use of “opertates.” The boy hates spellcheck.

As a result of this situation, we are exploring ways that we can assist the community with cyber harassment, bullying, defamation, and online stalking.

Remember folks, the truth is a shield for nearly all of this (except physical violence). I don’t think I need to describe how cyber harassment, bullying, defamation, and online stalking are all different things. Here’s the long and the short as it does depend on jurisdiction, at no point in time have a communicated with Evans directly since I responded to his laughable cease-and-desist. I have literally sent four emails to him my entire life. Three during our initial investigation into his fraud and one this year for that response to the laughable cease-and-desist. Confirming that he is a liar, fraudster, and utter moron, and publishing that information so that the investing public and various companies that may work with or against him know this information, is perfectly within my right as a U.S. citizen and, definitely, as a lawyer. Even a temporarily suspended one. So, none of my actions have been criminal. I actually have a verifiable Masters of Law with honors, so I know. (Message me for real time pictures at your request.) If my actions were criminal, we all know Evans would have done something but he’s afraid to get in a courtroom with real lawyers. Evans knows this and by claiming this publicly he may be opening himself up to civil and/or criminal action. More on that to come too.

Something which many of us have suffered with or from. Something which too many of us know well. For now, we will continue to serve the community. We will continue to educate and work with so many rockstars and we continue to thank you all for your support. If you are a victim of bullying or cyberstalking we have posted some materials at the bottom of this article for your information. You should never suffer in silence.

His false bravado and humility are so insightful. Especially when he brags about such things like this on his website:

Further Education Campaign In 2021 Gresham International began making donations to global universities and supported education facilities. In that time we have made donations to or assisted/lectured:

  • The University of Surrey (Law School)
  • The University of Puerto Rico (Business School)
  • The University of Manila
  • The University of Wyoming
  • St Johns Military Academy

“[M]ade donations to or assisted/lectured”; such a heart-warming fellow. Any reasonable person would realize what a weird and unscrupulous “Statement” this is.


Thank you for reading this far if you made it (except you Evans). I hope you learned some things about the law and the status of all this insanity. I did not expect it would be this difficult to prove that a scammer is a scammer to the investing public and various regulatory authorities but here we are. I will not stop as I was known as a bulldog of a lawyer and this is an exceptional use of my time so I can pay it forward for an industry that has given me so much.

If you have any additional information about this scammer or any of his associates, please reach out to me or the proper authorities, though I recognize the complaint may not be a high priority given he “appears” to be legitimate. Once you peel back the layers multiple agencies have confirmed this is a bad apple and they are looking into it all. It just takes time.

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